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Mount Putuo - Zhejiang

Mount Putuo is and island of hills among Zhoushan Archipelago east of Zhejiang province. It is one of the four famous mountains of Buddhism and has a reputation of being the "Buddhist resort of the sea and sky". It is also a famous tourist resort.

Mount Putuo is famous for its scenic landscapes. Its hills merge with the sea and form picturesque and grandiose scenes. Buddha Top Mountain, the main peak of the island, stands tallest at over 290 m. There are a large number of temples, nunneries, and prayer halls. Ancient trees here stretch out to reach the sky. On the beach, the rocks alternate with sand, and sea tides rise and fall. The climate on the mountain is mild and comfortable all year round.

There are many scenic and historical sites on Mount Putuo. The most typical one is the building complex consisting mainly of Puji Temple, Fayu Temple and Huiji Temple. Of the three temples, Puji Temple is the biggest one.

Puji Temple
Puji Temple, originally built in Song Dynasty, is the main monastery for worshipping Goddess of Mercy. It covers a floor space of more than 11,000 square m. In it there are Hall of Great Flexibility, Hall of Celestial King, Tripitaka Hall, Tower of Bell and Drum, etc.

Do you know?

In 916, after paying homage to Mount Wutai in Shanxi province, a Japanese monk was shipping the statue of Goddess of Mercy to Japan. When he arrived at Mount Putuo, he was detained by a strong wind. So he stayed to build a temple named the "Lingering Goddess of Mercy Temple" in Purple Bamboo Forest on Mount Putuo. From then on, Mount Putuo became a Buddhist mountain for worshipping Goddess of Mercy.

A grand Buddhist ceremony is held here every year to celebrate Goddess of Mercy birthday. On the particular day, Mount Putuo is bustling with thousands of devotees coming to burn incense.
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